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An Objective-C tutorial is outside the scope of this manual (currently), but there are some useful resources online.

Objective-C Resources

mulle-objc Cheat Sheet, Mulle kybernetiK

The mulle-objc CheatSheet is a good way to get a quick overview of what the Mulle Objective-C dialect has to offer. It is tailored to mulle-objc specifically, but it is no tutorial.

Learn Objective-C, Tutorialspoint

Objective-C Quick Guide looks like a good tutorial start. Ignore the parts about “gcc”, “MacOSX”, “GNUStep” though. They also have a much larger tutorial, where you should ignore “Blocks”, “Posing”, and anything mentioning “ARC”.

Objective-C Tutorial, Codecrackers

Objective-C Tutorial is basically the same as whats offered at Tutorialspoint, but there are differences. Someone plagiarized but I can’t tell who did it. The codecrackers page looks a bit nicer.

Objective-C Tutorial, Etutorials

As part of introducing Cocoa there is also an Objective-C tutorial.

Programming with Objective-C, by Apple

Programming With Objective C covers all the basics. Ignore the chapter about “Blocks”, everything else should be fine.

Free Objective-C Books

onlineprogrammingbooks has a list of downloadable book PDFs.

Concepts in Objective-C Programming, by Apple

Concepts in Objective-C Programming is more in-depth and is a good read to understand some terminology used by fellow Objective-C coders. Ignore the chapters “Delegates and Data Sources”, “Model View Controller”, “Object Modeling”, “Outlets”, “Receptionist Pattern”, “Target-Action”, “Toll-Free Bridging”

Learn Objective-C, CocoaDev

Learn Objective-C gives a quick overview of concepts. Ignore the part about “Dot Syntax” though.

Zen and the Art of the Objective-C Craftsmanship, Bernardi - De Bortoli

Zen and the Art of the Objective-C Craftsmanship](https://github.com/objc-zen/objc-zen-book) is a more advanced read. On a cursory examination, there is a lot there, that’s not applicable to mulle-objc or that goes against the mulle-objc style.

C Resources


An interactive tutorial site to learn the basics of C is learn-c.org free interactive C tutorial


Now that you know Objective-C, your are well prepared for the mulle-objc basics.

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