The mulle-objc runtime and root classes

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The root class library MulleObjC provides the base to write mulle-objc Objective-C code. It’s a lookalike of the Apple Foundation root classes and features classes such as NSObject or NSAutoreleasePool. MulleObjC is based on mulle-objc-runtime, the runtime library that is written in C.

mulle-objc-compat is a compatibility layer, that translates Apple runtime functions such as objc_getClass into their mulle-objc-runtime equivalent, often at no additional cost.

The mulle-objc-list executable is used to create dependency information of mulle-objc libraries. It is also needed for coverage-based link support.

Books Description
De Re MulleObjC A developer guide. Work in progress
MulleObjC Cheat Sheet A variation of the Objective-C CheatSheet, customized for MulleObjC. Work in progress
Library Description
MulleObjC A collection of Objective-C root classes for mulle-objc
mulle-objc-list Lists mulle-objc runtime information contained in executables.
mulle-objc-compat Compatibility layer with Apple Objective-C runtime functions
mulle-objc-runtime A fast, portable Objective-C runtime written 100% in C11
Library Description
mulle-objc-runtime-startup Executables based on mulle-objc-runtime link with this
MulleObjC-startup Executables based on MulleObjC link with this

The MulleObjC library collection is based on mulle-concurrent and mulle-c. MulleFoundation is based on MulleObjC

mulle-sde support

Library Description
mulle-objc-developer MulleObjC developer kit for mulle-sde


See mulle-objc-developer for install instructions.