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ARC Page This is a list of porting tips for ARC code
Basics Page
MulleObjC Caveats Page There are some significant differences that come into play, when you want to do “tricky” stuff with Objective-C. Allocation Allocation methods The example implementation of NSObject: + (instancetype) alloc { return( NSAllocateObject( self, 0, NULL)); } + (instancetype) allocWithZone:(NSZone *) zone { return( NSAllocateObject(...
Class loading with +load / +inititalize Page How classes are loaded and how to orchestrate them.
classcluster Page
Coverage information Page
Differences to Objective-C 2.0 Page But how can less be more ? It's impossible! More is more! -- Y. Malmsteen
-finalize Page -finalize runs automatically before -dealloc When the -retainCount is decremented to zero via -release, an object gets the -finalize message first before -dealloc. If the retainCount remains unchanged throughout -finalize, then -dealloc is...
forward Page MulleObjC forward speed makes object composition an alternative
IDEs Page
kvc Page
Linking Page
Learn Objective-C Page
Memory managment rules Page
nszone Page
sde Page
Porting @property Page Porting properties in a fashion that works in ARC code and in MulleObjC is tricky. It is best if you can restrict yourself to assign, copy and retain. Property deallocation Note: This is a rare case, where MulleObjC is compatible with ARC, but...
New Property attributes Page dynamic Indicate that a property is not backed by an ivar. This is useful for forwarding properties. @property( copy, dynamic) NSString *bar; E.g. - (void) setBar:(NSString *) s { [_other setBar:s]; } serializable Indicate that a property should...
Protocols are a kind of @selector Page Protocols are a kind of @selector and not a kind of class
Protocolclasses allow default implementations Page Protocolclasses allow default implementations
Code reduction Page
sde Page
Singleton classes Page
Let's Get Started Page Legacy workflow The legacy workflow installs the mulle-objc Foundation as a shared library. You use the custom compiler mulle-clang to compile Objective-C files. These are then liked with the Foundation shared library and some startup libraries. You can use make or most IDEs with this setup. <div...
subscripting Page
Synchronized is gone Page Synchronized as a keyword and property is not available
synthesize Page
tps Page
universe Page
unload Page
Porting Variable Arguments in Methods Page Variable Arguments in MulleObjC