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As mulle-objc evolves, more and more Xcode projects will be portable without effort. For now Foundation based Tool and Library targets are the candidates for porting.


Getting an existing Xcode project to run with mulle-objc can be very easy with mulle-xcode-to-cmake. Assuming that your Xcode project file is named “project.xcodeproj”, these steps may already be sufficient:

mulle-xcode-to-cmake export project.xcodeproj > CMakeLists.txt
mulle-sde init -m foundation/objc-porter executable
mulle-sde craft

To install:

mulle-sde craft craftorder
mulle-sde run mulle-make install --prefix /tmp/whereever

Converting to the modern workflow

If your project contains one or many libraries, it is best to split them up into multiple projects.

Replace the objc-porter environment with the objc-developer environment:

rm -rf .mulle
mulle-sde init -m foundation/objc-developer executable

And then you are ready to setup the modern workflow.


Coming up next are the porting tips.