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Legacy workflow

The legacy workflow installs the mulle-objc Foundation as a shared library. You use the custom compiler mulle-clang to compile Objective-C files. These are then liked with the Foundation shared library and some startup libraries.

You can use make or most IDEs with this setup.

Install a shared MulleFoundation library

Use mulle-sde to download all required components of the Foundation library and to build them. There will be an error, because it can not find an optional component MulleObjCDecimalFoundation. This is harmless.

You can change the install location with the --prefix option. Otherwise the usr directory of your home directory, will be the install destination.

mulle-sde install --standalone --prefix "${HOME}/usr" "https://github.com/MulleFoundation/Foundation/archive/latest.zip"

A shared (dynamic) libFoundation library and some other static libraries should be present in your ~/usr/lib folder now.


With this success in your bag, there are two routes to choose from. If you know Objective-C continue with MulleObjC basics.

Otherwise use one of the tutorials in Learn ObjC to get up to speed.

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