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Your mulle-objc project will have dependencies. One dependency is either the MulleObjC library or the Foundation library and their constituent libraries. But you will likely want to add more.

The modern workflow makes this easy and in the best case a one-liner. Here’s how.

mulle-sde dependency manages the sourcetree

All dependencies are managed via a sourcetree. If you have created a mulle-sde project as described previously, you can look at the pre-defined sourcetree with mulle-sourcetree list (use -l -u for more detail).


These dependencies again can be, and are in this case, mulle-sde projects. Each of theses mulle-sde projects in turn will have its own sourcetree with dependencies. So you can see where this is heading…

Add a repository from github

When adding a third-party repository, the first thing to decide is, if it is a C or an Objective-C repository. At this point in time C is more likely, so we will go with that in this example.

For github repositories there is a special syntax available, so you don’t have to type in the whole URL. This command adds libexpat to your project:

mulle-sde dependency add --c --github mulle-nat libexpat

Get build commands for free

libexpat is special, in that there is a craftinfo available for it. Many libraries can be built without a craftinfo, but for some like libexpat a few tweaks are desirable. The craftinfo contains these tweaks.

You can look at the craftinfos site to see what is available.

If you have a craftinfo, that you would like to share, you are very welcome to contribute this craftinfo.

You can examine and manipulate craftinfos with the mulle-sde dependency craftinfo command.

mulle-sde update will reflect the contents of the sourcetree into cmake files residing under ./cmake and into header files residing under ./src. This means you will not have to write #include statements yourself. Neither will you have to figure out against which library to link.

Remove dependency

Thus removing a dependency again is as easy as typing mulle-sde dependency remove libexpat and letting mulle-sde update reflect the changes back into cmake and header files.


There is a lot more information about mulle-sde and dependencies available in the mulle-sde Wiki.

Next up lets add some code to the project and be witness to the advantages the modern workflow brings to source files.