What you need to know to use MulleObjC to its full potential.
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Why Objective-C ?

If you are comfortable writing in C, you will notice that C is fine until you reach a certain level of complexity. If you don’t want to spend your lifetime in C++ beaureaucracy, Objective-C is the answer. It is:

  • Easy to learn
  • Fun
  • No magic
  • A complexity manager
  • A dynamic messenger
  • A powerful class-system

Install mulle-objc

This guide doesn’t have detailed installation instructions for mulle-objc. Read the instructions on foundation-developer and follow them.

Afterwards you should have mulle-clang and mulle-sde in your PATH.

mulle-clang --version
mulle-sde --version


Objective-C is an Object Oriented Programming Language. With that comes the expectation of a plug-n-play programming environment. It should be possible to add and remove functionality, without breaking the application. This expectation has been historically never fulfilled, due to deficiencies with the compilation tools, the Objective-C runtime and the way headers are handled.

Modern Workflow

The modern workflow provides such a plug-n-play environment.

If you are a complete newbie learn Objective-C with the modern workflow.

If you want to experience the full power MulleObjC has to offer, then use the modern workflow.

Legacy Workflow

If you are a seasoned Objective-C programmer, who would like to try porting some of his existing code to mulle-objc, then start with the legacy workflow.


The next step is to Learn Objective-C. Or if you already know the language, skip to Basics

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